Trekking in the Selio Valley 2

There are plenty of fishes in the Selio River.

We ate fish everyday.

Blowpipe and it's poison dart

There are two types of dart, for large mammals and for bird and monkey.
The poison is made from sap of "Tajem" tree (Antiaris toxicaris).

If somebody is interested to go there, you should visit Long Mekaba first, and stay one night.
For transport from Miri to Long Mekaba, you can call to Mr. Wan Lenjau (Long Mekaba) +60-128076064. It takes about 7 hours.

Then, you vist Long Jekitan following a longboat of Long Mekaba, it takes 30min.
There, you can find somebody who can arrange for you, such as Mr. David Suok (+60-17-8578673). David and some other Penans from Long Jekitan can speak English.
Then, you visit Long Bee by longboat, one hours from Long Jekitan, and start to walk.
You have to hire somebody from Long Bee also as your guides following their custom.
You have to bring all foods from Miri.

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