Fire fighting equipment

So many longhouses in Baram have been fired out. Thus I bought two water pumps in Miri for my village. The cost including the long hoses were RM 1,000 - 1,500 / set.

Are you ready for Baram regatta 2011?

The next Baram regatta will be hold at Marudi from Sep 30th to Oct 2nd.

Making a new boat for the reggata (Aug 2011)

Marudi, March 2011

In these days, I visited Marudi to meet an old friend.
The Miri-Marudi road was opened a few years ago. The lands along the road has been converted in oil palm plantations at high speed.

The Baram river, near Marudi.

Now is a harvesting season.

We went an oxbow lake near Marudi to find fishes.
An oil palm plantation is already opened 1km far from the lakeside.

Now is a rubber boom also.

A new business, swiftlet farming. They just started to try.

Harvesting season

I shortly visited Ulu Baram in these days.
Now is the end of harvesting ("majau") season of hill padi in this area.

Jan. 2010

A place for tourists

I am thanks to so many people from Baram especially staying in KL or Kuching checking this blog. Some people commented me that they doubt the tourism potential of Telang Usan because there are no resorts and no tourism attractions .

These are photos when I visited Uncle Tan Wildlife Adventure ( near Kuala Lokan, Sg. Kinabatangan last time. Everyday 10-20 tourists mostly from West visit this camp from Sandakan, stay for two nights.

Do Telang Usan have no tourist attractions like here?
Their constructions are too hard to build for villagers along Telang Usan?

Jetty near Kuala Lokan. About 3 hours by car from Sandakan.

Even though the camp can be reached directly by car, using boat is more attractive.

Their "camp" along Sg Kinabatangan. Only 15 minutes from the jetty. The land is borrowed from Kg Kuala Lokan.

The restaurant.


The staffs bring the visitors to see the "wildlife".

Because hunting is inhibited by Kg Kuala Lokan, there are so many kara along the Sg Lokan.
We could also see Proboscis monkey, Orangutan, Common Palm Civet.

Trekking in a swamp forest near the camp. We saw a snake.

Night trekking near the camp. Tourists are very interested to see frogs.

The location of the camp is not ideal place. The forest is small, surrounded by oil palm plantation.

Tourists also can enjoy fishing.

That's true. The frogs were so diverse and cute, can be tourism attractions.


One of my freinds told me some interesting activities in Baram by foreigners.

For honor's sake of Sarawak state government, they build many government clinics around the Baram and the cost is quite cheap. But the equipments are sometimes not enough, they have to use car or helicopter to bring the urgent patients.
Several years ago, I also met Rotary Club of Miri doing same kind of voluntary activity at Bario.

Baram River Cruises

I found some news about River Cruises started in Rajang, the largest river in Sarawak, in this year and other people are interested to start in Baram also.

These news sounds good.
The Baram river has great tourism potential as the Rajang river.
For example, from Kuala Baram to Long Lama or Long Terawan.
There are many great longhouses such as,
From the end points, tourists can move to Mulu.
I believe this business can contribute local economy and support to keep the beauty of the Lower Baram.

Express Ferry

Dec/2002, Long Ikang (Long Lama -> Marudi)

After road connected between Miri to Marudi, the number of express boats decreased. The information written here is already very old. Please check by yourself when you use the express boat.

There are public ferries, "Express" in Lower Baram

Kuala Baram -> Marudi (RM20)

Marudi -> Kuala Baram (2h30m/RM20)
There are taxis from Kuala Baram -> Miri

Marudi -> Long Lama (RM20)
There are transport from Long Lama to Lapok, Miri and Long Bedian

Long Lama -> Marudi (2h30m/RM20)
There are transports(car) from Marudi to Miri (RM40)

Marudi -> Long Terawan (2h/RM25)

Long Terawan -> Marudi

Marudi -> Lapok (4h)
There are transports from Lapok to Miri, Long Lama and many villages in Upper Baram

Lapok -> Marudi

I am sorry if there are some mistakes. If you find, please mention at "comment". I will correct.

Trekking in the Selio Valley 2

There are plenty of fishes in the Selio River.

We ate fish everyday.

Blowpipe and it's poison dart

There are two types of dart, for large mammals and for bird and monkey.
The poison is made from sap of "Tajem" tree (Antiaris toxicaris).

If somebody is interested to go there, you should visit Long Mekaba first, and stay one night.
For transport from Miri to Long Mekaba, you can call to Mr. Wan Lenjau (Long Mekaba) +60-128076064. It takes about 7 hours.

Then, you vist Long Jekitan following a longboat of Long Mekaba, it takes 30min.
There, you can find somebody who can arrange for you, such as Mr. David Suok (+60-17-8578673). David and some other Penans from Long Jekitan can speak English.
Then, you visit Long Bee by longboat, one hours from Long Jekitan, and start to walk.
You have to hire somebody from Long Bee also as your guides following their custom.
You have to bring all foods from Miri.

Trekking in the Selio Valley 1

Abung Waterfall

Seran Waterfall

Kotak(Putak) Waterfall

Selio Waterfall (lower)

Selio Waterfall (upper)

February/2009, I went up to the Selio Valley, Upper Silat river.
This area is located in the sothern part of Usun Apau National Park

There are many large waterfalls flowing down from the Usun Apau Plateau to the Selio river:
Abung, Tabui, Seran, Koya, Be'tajem, Talun, Putak(=Kotak), Selio
And the largest one is the Selio Waterfall.

I took five days to go and back from Long Bee.