Batu Tujuh, Long Jeeh, Upper Baram

Batu Tujuh is a huge limestone mountain with 7 peaks, owned by Lepo' Agak (Long Silat, Long Jeeh, Long Bela'ong and Long Selawan).
Some of the villagers know the trail to the top of the mountain. They said it need 2 days to go and back from their villages.

I will visit there in future, but still not yet have the chance.

There are many caves where the villagers use for harvesting of valuable bird nests. Thus, every tourists who intend to visit there need their permission.


Simon Hii said...


From which kampung is the closest route to this Bukit Tujuh? I am very interested to explore there...

Thanks & regards,

lahang said...

Dear Simon

Thank you. It is Long Jeeh and Long Selawan. There are logging roads from Miri to the villages passing the foot of the mountain and the villagers have huts there.

Simon Hii said...

Thanks for the reply Mr. Lahang. Sorry for the late reply as I didn't received any notification and it has been quite a while.