Old style longboat

Noawdays, all large longboats used in Baram I have ever seen are powered by outboard engine.

However, in old days (until 1960's?), many longboats were longer than now and paddled by hand.

Hose, C. & McDougall W. 1912. Klemantan War-boat ascending a reach of the Baram near Marudi "The Pagan Tribes of Borneo "

Hose, C. & McDougall W. 1912. Kayan War-boat on the Lower Baram "The Pagan Tribes of Borneo "

It is very hard to imagine how was that, but I found a movie on You Tube.
You can see a longboat during 0:46-0:55. About 40 persons? was paddling.
I am not sure the race. Iban or Kayan?
It is a propaganda movie of Imperial Japan during WW2. They took this movie somewhere in Rajang in 1942-1944. The movie advertises the Imperial made a school to teach the local Dayak about wet paddy agriculture.

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