Usun Apau National Park


Dec/2003 Waterfalls from Usun Apau

I found some people used this picture on thier blog and noted "Julan waterfall".
But, this one is Temmengong waterfall, upper Teba'au, Silat river. Julan is more large waterfall.
I myself not yet visited Julan waterfall.
If you want know about Julan, see,
I would like visit there in future.

A large table mountain.

Legend place for many peoples in Baram (Thier ancesters came down from here to Baram).

No roads to reach there.
There are many large waterfalls including the largest waterfall in Sarawak, Julan waterfall.

<Short trip to Usun Apau (Apau Abong)>
With some freinds of Long Jekitan

Track up the boat (Sg Selio)

Apau Abong from Sg Selio

Lodges along Sg Selio owned by Penan Long Bee.

Sg Selio
Hundreds years ago, there is a huge village of Kenyah Lepo' Tau here.
However, because of serious plague, many people were died one by one. The remainders escape from this place. Nowadays, the descendants are living at Long Moh, Long Mekaba (Sarawak), Long Nawang and many other villages in East Kalimantan.

Apau Abong

Moss forest on Apau Abong.

Sg Selio has plenty of fishes.

You can get more information about Usun Apau from here,


lily s.merang said... this is usun apau. my dad used to tell us stories, legend and heroes; and that we originated from this place. hmm...interesting.

Anonymous said...

Any idea on how to go there?

lahang said...

You have to follow a bus from Miri to Lapok at early morning. At lapok, you try to ask the restaurant owners to find a transport to Long Mekaba or Long Silat(Both Kenyah villages).
If you cannot, try to follow a transport to Long San and try to find a car or a longboat from Long San to these villages.
From Long Mekaba or Long Silat, you can ask the villagers to bring you to Long Jekitan or Long Bee (Both Penan villages). At these villages, you can find somebody who can guide you up to Usun Apau.

You can climb up on the edge of Usun Apau and back from Long Jekitan or Long Bee in two days. However, if you want arrive deep inside Usun Apau such as Selio waterfall, it will take one week.

local people said...

Need help to Lg Jekitan? I am from Lg Jekitan but I've never been to Usun Apau. But people from Lg. Jekitan can help you to reach there. Selio is a very nice river and fill with loads of fish (previously). You have a very nice picture here. Too sad that nothing is done yet to develop Usun Apau area as a recreational or tourism place. Keep up the good work of this blog anyway. Cheers!

lahang said...

Dear "local people"

Thank you very much for your comment.
I myself heartfully hope the eco-tourism development of Ulu Baram, especially my lovely Sg Silat. The first reason I made this blog is for that purpose.
However, because I can visit there not frequently nowadays, what I can is very little. I am very glad if you (and others from Ulu Baram) can give me some help.
For example, I am very glad if you can use these comment fileds to provide information for tourists who want to vist Sg Silat. Or you can also make a homepage or blog by yourself and link with this blog.

In my idea, the informations neccesary for tourist are,
-What they can enjoy at Sg Silat (Ex. studying about how to make bukui, kiba and parang, visiting padi filed, fishing, hunting, visiting beautiful waterfalls and climbing high mountains)
-How to book to stay in your village, hire the longboat and guides who can speak English (The tourists can call with or send e-mail to somebody?)
-How much are those costs
-What things tourists have to bring by themselves (food? petrol?)

Thank you

P.S. I was very supprised for your comment. I have meet with you? You know who I am? Where are you now?

Hema Stephen said...

hello Mr. Lahang,

are you from Long mekaba...usun apau is so awesome and majestic I would say...whenever we go or return from long mekaba we stop to look at it from the kayu balak road.
My father-in-law n my husband shared stories of usun apau to us the last time we went back to Long Mekaba.

lahang said...
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lahang said...

Dear Ms Hema

Lg Mekaba is my village, Uma Usun is my longhouse. But I am not from there. In Lg Mekaba you can easy to find many people who know me well.

Usun Apau is a greatest place. I want to climb there once again in future and also want to hear about old stories about when people lived in Alo Selio.

Yanqi said...

i am really glad found ur blog about usun apau!i think i am one of UA fantastic fan.I really wanna go there too once in my lifetime or more.i am very impress to see the waterfall pictures.i have been to sungai julan but nt the waterfall.perhaps at that time i was still a kid but now i think i am old enough.I wonder if mr.lahang have been there nw?u always talking u want to get there in the future.So,i would like to ask ur permission to inform me by mail if u have an oppurtunity to go there.send me a mail at know i could follow ur trip at that time in future. Usun apau is one of our greatest treasure ..for the orang ulu.stay alive lepok kenyah!!

lahang said...

Dear Mr. Yang
Thank you for your comment.
However, I am not staying in Sarawak now.
I am planning to return Lg Mekaba beginning of next year. But I will not go to Usun Apau this time.

Anonymous said...

First of all I Am Yanqi..Do u hear any news about the planning that the government planned in rmk10 to build a dam at s.Baram?I am nt really sure where will the location take place,but i am totally worry about this matter.I Am totally 100% disagree!I can't imagine the forest and the natures of baram will be destroyed.I really can't accept if this project will keep continue.Save our lands that the only we have,our race and origins,our river Baram!Moreover so much more in the forest surround baram's river nt yet been explored.The main point is please support to save the natures at our only land from our ancestors and the God

lahang said...

Thank you for your comment.
If you want get more information, please check "Baram dam" label on my blog.
I do not know well about this project yet, but I heard 1) some investigators visited the villages in inundate area end of 2009 and 2) implementation of the dam plan will be decided until 2015.

jan said...

Hi Lahang, I am creating a page about the Julan and Selio waterfalls for my website Waterfalls of Malaysia, and I would like to show a few of your pictures and link to your blog. Of course with credits. When have you taken these pictures?

lahang said...

Dear Jan
Ya, sure.
I myself hope to know more information about Usun Apau.

lahang said...

I wrote the year I have taken under each picture.

However, I also show more good pictures of Selio waterfalls here;

jan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
jan said...

Thanks. I just published the page on the website: Usun Apau falls
Let me know if everything is correct.

lahang said...

Thanks Jan.
Yours is a great page.
I first know there are two waterfall at Julan!

jan said...

Dear Lahang,
I would like to exchange some information thru email. If that's ok with you, could you contact me at

lahang said...


Anonymous said...

Just want to say what a great blog you got here!
I've been around for quite a lot of time, but finally decided to show my appreciation of your work!

Thumbs up, and keep it going!


Anonymous said...

Hello Lahang nice blog I need your help.
I can't find your e-mail adress could you help me ?

Anonymous said...

My question : I would like to return to Bario maybe next year.
I have an inflatable raft/canoe and would like to get downstream from Bario maybe until Marudi.
I would stop in Long Akha and other places
Do you think it is possible ?

Please I do NOT want a guide , don't recommend it,thank you.
I'm experienced enough in jungle/bush walking.

I want a straight answer thank you again :-)
Thank you Lahang and keep going !
This is a good blog

Anonymous said...

Sorry : forgot to mention that I would like to follow the Baram river of course !

lahang said...

Thank you very much.
Unfortunately, I am not sure the possibility.
Off course, it was a traditional route from Bario to Marudi before. Even Tom Harisson or Pastor Southwell used it last time. You can ask some old people of Bario about the difficult points of the route.

Several years ago, I was informed from people of Lg Lellang that there are some dangerous rapids even from Lg Lellang to Lg Akah. You should by-pass the rapids. Please take care.
And I am very gald if I can see your pictures on your blog in future!

Anonymous said...

Hello Lahang thank you for the reply !
Yes of course I will bypass the rapids.
I have a good topographic map bought in Kapit but it is a little bit dated now.
Do you know where to buy good maps of the area in Miri ?
Yes I could try to send tou you some pictures but how can I do it ?
I have some taken in Bario , Remudu

Anonymous said...

Hey - I am certainly glad to find this. great job!

Anonymous said...

Hello Thanks for such a perfect submit and the evaluation, I'm completely impressed! Maintain stuff like this coming.

Anonymous said...

Many thanks.

Anonymous said...

Hello I do not agree with all of you!

RW said...

you have made Usun Apau famous with this blog. Many years ago i can't find anything about it on the net. I too was curious about its stories and beauty of it that i search for it on the net. Until i find your blog. Awi ika' jam lung lung Usun Apau, do share it please.

Che'gu said...

Love the picture and the view of Usun Apau. Looking forward to go there if got some free time. By the way, I'm from Lawas.

freespryt said...

Hi, Lanang, can you pm me at Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Mr. lanang, I am wong,from sarikei , sarawak and now I am working in singapore. can be contact by e-mail have been work in baram long temala logging camp in 1989 to 1991.I wish to know If any kayan or kenyah friends in singapore now? Wish to arrange some of my friends to visit long lama and some where near by in the future, any idea when is the good season to travel to there?can u provide me some information about transport , hotel and etc???
Thank You very much!

lahang said...

Thank you Mr Wong. However, because I did not go to the area for long time, I am not sure now. There are many transports from Miri to Long Lama every day, but I do not know the hp numbers. I am sorry.

lahang said...

About season, there is not bad season. However, you can eat much fruit (ex. Durian) if you will go there end of year.

Anonymous said...

thank you, I manage to contact some my old colleges who work together during 1990 something in Shin Yang temala Log pond and now still working around that area. I am in early 40 and may i know your age? And may be for those who interest to travel to that area, i can provide some very useful information like transport arrangement to that area. Yes, I use to work in middle baram river area for about two years and have some friends from long pilah but not more than that. happy to know if have some friends from baram can contact me if they need help or information to travel to singapore, the place where i am now. Wong , best regard.

Brenda Flores said...

Hey - I am certainly glad to find this. great job!

amna said...

Usun apau one of the greatest place in the world....3 years live in penan many joyous moment....

solen said...

Hello Mr. Lahang, i am interested with information posted on your blog. I'm making a website for ecotourism in Baram and i hope I can use some of your information. My still building my website, you can check it here

lahang said...

Dear Solen. Thank you very much. Hope your success.
You can use information from my website, although many are old data already. I am very glad if you will make the source clear.

Sherkarl Kugan said...

Dear Mr. Lahang,

Have you heard the name Erang Lahang? His son Matius Erang, Lian Erang, Stephen Erang, Freddie Erang...?

R-AW said...

Dear Mr Lahang,
I am planning a conservation expedition to Usun Apau and would be very interested to hear more of your travels in the region and the logistics of finding guides, as well as best spots to visit on the plateau! Know you visited a while ago but would still be great to hear.
Best regards,