Marudi, Lower Baram


Capital of the Baram Districts founded in 1882.
"Claude town" is the old name.

Pejabat Daerah Marudi

Baram District Museum
"'The great peace-making between the Kayan, Kenyah, and Klemantan Tribes of East and West Borneo'" was held here in 1899 (Hose & McDougall 1912).

Private car: Miri
Express boat: Kuala Baram, Long Lama, Long Terawan(Tutoh), Lapok(Tinjar)
Flight: Miri, Bario, Long Banga, Long Akah(=Long San), Long Seridan, Long Lellang

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Anonymous said...

Marudi. My first step into the outside world. Where I attended a secondary school and later continued my study overseas. Thank you Marudi. I always remember thou as a perfect place to enjoy life, amidst a beautiful scenery.